Women's Bible Studies

Thursday Morning
Northview Auditorium

12 weeks starting September 22

A Deeper Look at Daniel
by Douglas Connelly

This study will take you further into the themes of the book of Daniel, helping you make connections between the Old and New Testament, gain an understanding of the historical and cultural background, engage in creative exercises, and concretely apply what you’ve learned.

• how God has been at work throughout history
• how the sins of our predecessors can influence us
• how to stand firm when your faith and values are challenged

Sunday Morning
Room 106

Starting November 6

Now That Faith Has Come
by Beth & Melissa Moore

Join us to dive into Paul’s captivating letter to the Galatians. Come to know the letter’s original recipients. Study its original context and embrace its timeless relevance. Discover―or perhaps rediscover―what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ revolutionary to those who choose to believe. Find out how everything has changed, now that faith has come.