On this youth group night, we’re doing a Split Night.

The guys and girls will be gathering separately to have an intentional moment in our calendar for the girls to further develop their sisterhood and for the guys to further develop their brotherhood.

Here’s what you need to know:


What guys are doing:

The guys will still be meeting at Northview, 6:30. There will not be dinner. It will be an overnighter. We’re starting with some fun group games in the church that we’ve intentionally created for brand new 6th graders all the way to seniors. Once it gets dark, we’ll be driving to a local home to have a bonfire. There we’re hoping to have a sort’ve sacred moment with all the guys gathered. After the bonfire, we’ll be heading back to the church to spend the night. We’ll have Xboxes set up and play some Minecraft tournaments (again, we wanted something fun and accessible for the brand new 6th grader all the way to our seniors). In the morning we’ll go to Taco Bell for breakfast.

Pick up will be 10:30am on Wednesday.

What guys need to bring:

  • Sleeping equipment for camping in the church.
  • ”tactical clothing” for the game we’ll be playing. Wear black clothing, beanies, or camo. It’s okay if you don’t have any!
  • Nerf gun, if you have one you’d want to bring (we have a bunch of extras).
  • Money for Taco Bell breakfast in the morning.
  • Xbox controller, if you have one!
  • Things that would help us:
    • headlamps that have a red light function.
    • Xbox with Minecraft Bedrock edition and controllers.



What girls are doing:

Our volunteer leaders have taken on the task of building a fun, bonding evening for all the girls in our community. Thank you, Leaders!

They’ll be meeting at Sonja Basom’s house,  (a mom in our church) at 6:30. They plan for the evening to go until about 11pm. They’ll be doing a thrift shopping trip, a fashion show, then eating tacos! Carpooling will be necessary. There is very little available parking. If you’re an upperclassmen, please carpool with other youth!

Heres’s the address: 10 157th ST SW Lynnwood, WA 98087 United States

What girls need to bring:

  • $10 for the thrifting challenge

If you have questions, please reach out to zebf@nview.org