About Us

Celebrate God, Serve One Another, Share Jesus

Because of what Jesus has done we want to Celebrate God, Serve one another, and Share Jesus with others. As a church, we strive for relationships that build a strong community and help us grow in our love for Jesus. His death on the cross shapes our vision and passion for life.


We desire to…
Love God – Hearts given to God in a spirit of submission and repentance.
Worship God – Vibrant worship that is passionate, thankful, honoring, and enthusiastic about our God.
Listen to God – Get plugged in to God’s heart and plans through prayer and His Word.


We are…
Committed to relationships – We want to be a transparent community that desires to see lives transformed by God’s power; that values the process as well as the finished product.
Passionate about team – To serve together with humility and loyalty with the gifts, talents, and callings God has given to each person in our family.
Striving to build people – To be a reproductive Church; equipping, training, mentoring, and discipling to increase God’s Kingdom and His reputation.


We will…
Love people – Remember that people matter to God and therefore to us.
Be creative – Be relevant and creative in the way we communicate God’s heart with people.
Give ourselves away – By releasing and sending out missionaries and equipping our community for growth.