Our Mission:

Jesus has changed our lives and he's the hero of Northview. Because of what Jesus has done we want to celebrate God, Serve one another, and Share Jesus with others. As a church, we are continuously striving for relationships that build a strong community and help us grow in our love for Jesus. His death on the cross shapes our vision and passion for life. 


Northview Community Church is committed to encouraging people to become more like Jesus by celebrating God, serving one another and sharing God's love with our world.

Celebration: We desire to...
Love God - Hearts given to God in a spirit of submission and repentance.
Worship God - Vibrant worship that is passionate, thankful, honoring, and enthusiastic about our God.
Listen to God - Get plugged in to God's heart and plans through prayer and His Word.
Serving: We are...
Committed to relationships - We want to be a transparent community that desires to see lives transformed by God's power; that values the process as well as the finished product.
Passionate about team - To serve together with humility and loyalty with the gifts, talents, and callings God has given to each person in our family.
Striving to build people - To be a reproductive Church; equipping, training, mentoring, and discipling to increase God's Kingdom and His reputation.
Sharing: We will...
Love people - Remember that people matter to God and therefore to us.
Be creative - Be relevant and creative in the way we communicate God's heart with people.
Give ourselves away - By releasing and sending out missionaries and equipping our community for growth.