Make A Difference

Go Projects exist to provide opportunities for our church community that promote serving God by serving others, loving God by loving others, and building relationships with each other while serving with one purpose. We have many different Go Projects that will come and go. Be sure to check back and sign up for one or visit the Go Projects board in our church lobby.


There are currently Meal Teams needed to work with the Youth For Christ ministry on Casino Rd. in Everett.  Volunteer teams will help provide, prepare, and serve a meal for roughly 50 Junior High students from the neighborhood.  For many, this is the only real meal they will have all day. Please sign up for a date and details including what to bring and carpool information will be provided.  Click on the dates below to sign up or contact

Meal Teams needed:
Thursday, March 28, 5:45 - 7:45PM

If you have an idea for a GO PROJECT please contact the church office at