Need some space from your kids?

Need some space from your parents?

Want a happy life?

Got questions?


What’s this about?

Our vision for Study Hall is threefold. With parents working from home, students doing school from home and families now being with each other 24/7, we wanted to do what we could to give the parents of our community some time to breath. (Yes, use this to spend time with each other, to do some chores around the house you’ve been meaning to do, to do groceries, to do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do!)

Knowing that the students are going to have to do all their school work at home, we thought we could open up our space to provide them with a change of space that is quiet to do their school work and concentrate.

Lastly, we know that a lot of the youth in our community are starving for socializing with other real, tangible human beings. So, after finishing the school work they needed to get done, they’ll be let upstairs to hangout in the youth room and children’s room with adult supervision.


What will it look like?

Anyone that is being dropped off will need to have their parent come in, sign them in, and write down the amount of time their student needs to be doing schoolwork or a few assignments they want them to get done. Those who are able to drive themselves will not be required to do a check in of any sort.

Students between 1st and 8th grade will be doing their work in the auditorium around circle tables, three chairs per a table. This space will be library-like. The 9th through 12th graders will be in the overflow room. When the student finishes either time or task, they’ll be let upstairs to go hangout in the youth room or children’s room—depending on their age.

Once upstairs, it will be like a ‘free-time,’ where students are able to do things like play rock band, ping pong, foosball, and the like. At 5:45 we’ll have the students clean up the room, then head downstairs for pick up. Here, parents will come and check out their student. (Just to be sure, we’re not going to be monitoring your students making sure they'll do all their homework, nor providing tutoring. We’re only trying to provide a space. Said simply, what your student does not accomplish is not our responsibility.)


*Everyone will be required to wear masks.

*The first time you come you will be asked to sign a waiver.


When is this?

We will be meeting 3:00-6:00 each Wednesday this fall, staring with September and October. Kids and students are welcome to come or be dropped off anytime between between 3-6pm. Those that are dropped off will need to be checked out before they leave.


What should I expect?

Expect to spend some time doing school work. How much time is up to you and/or your parents. Once finished with the schoolwork that needs to be done, you’ll be hanging out in the youth room until you’re picked-up. It's important to keep in mind that this space is, in-part, being created for you, or your student, to do school work.


Will my child just be sitting at a table, bored, for three hours?

Nope! When you sign them in, you’ll inform us of how long you want them to be in Study Hall, at a minimum and/or what assignments you’d like them to work on. When they’ve finished with either, they’ll come tell us and we’ll send them upstairs to hangout in the youth room.


What precautions are you taking because of Covid?

We will be sanitizing our space. We will be requiring everyone to wear masks. We will be social distancing while we sit and study in the auditorium.


Will there be tutoring?



Can you ensure that my student will do the homework they need to?

No. We can create a quiet space for them, we can possibly help them for brief moments; however, we can’t force and/or constantly monitor them and their progress.


Can I drop off or pick up at any time?

Yes! Just make sure you check them in and check them out.