Summer Camp

Middle School & High School


Registration for Summer Camp 2019 is NOT OPEN at this time. Please check back in January for a better idea of date, location, cost and other important information.
The details on this page are from Summer Camp 2018 and provide an insight into NVSM Camp.

The Details:

We are heading back to Alder Lake for summer camp this year, all Middle School and High School students are encouraged to sign up and come with us! We're going to enjoy a week of team activities, water sports, and addition to sessions with a speaker and worship both centered on Jesus and pursuing a life for Him. This is not a week to miss out on! 

* There is a $50 non refundable deposit required to confirm sign ups. This will be applied to the overall cost of registration. 
** Total payment is required no later than check-in on July 1. 

There will be a 48 hour "Early Bird" special for Summer Camp- $200 per student.

Official registraiton will open April 22nd- $250 per student. 

Scholarship Information
Scholarships may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Details will need to be worked out with Rob based on the situation and need. 

We will have a number of work projects available. Students that help with these projects will be able to apply funds against their camp registration fee. Information on these projects will be sent out and sign ups will be more along the lines of first come-first serve.

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship program, please contact us. Scholarship funds brough in are used to provide assistance for families in need, offset the cost of leaders at camp, and help to keep the total cost of camp affordable for families. Any help towards scholarships is greatly appreciated! 

The Start & End
Check in will take place at Northview Community Church on Sunday, July 1 at Noon. We will be leaving at 1pm. Additional information will be sent out with necessary waivers and documents required for check in. Student medications will be turned in at check in as well. This is when students will receive camp shirts. 

We will be aiming to be back at Northview on Friday, July 6 between 1pm-2pm. Messages will be sent out to parents once we are packed up and on our way. 

Set Up & Tear Down
We will be setting up our camp at Alder Lake on June 30. This includes setting up bleachers, a massive tent, the kitchen, camping tents and more! If you are willing to help us, we would welcome willing hands! There is a lot to get ready, but the more help we get the faster it will go. We will provide a meal/snacks to whoever is helping. 

At the end of camp, everything must be broken down and packed up before we leave. We will be packing up starting at 8 am on Friday, July 6 and hope to have everything loaded up by 11am. Even if you are not able to join us for the entire week, we will be looking for help with cleaning and packing up camp. 

Once we return, we will need to set up every tent that was used in order for it to dry out. We will be creating a check out/check in list and asking families to take a tent home to help us out. Families will also check tent integrity. 

Speaker, Worship & Leaders/Volunteers
Our camp speaker will be David Weed. 

Worship will be provided by an outside group. It will be upbeat and engaging for all students. 

All our leaders and volunteers have been vetted and passed a background check. We take this very seriously as we understand the need to know who is working with and among our students and your kids.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Rob or Zeb. There are a variety of ways people can serve at camp, and it truly takes a large volunteer base to pull off a successful and impactful camp. From boat drivers to cooks/servers and more, let us know if you are interested in serving and we'll provide you with necessary information. 

Other Details
Since we are going camping over the 4th of July, we knew we had to include fireworks! On Tuesday, July 3rd, we will be jumping in vehincles and heading into town for a firework display and activities. 

Additional information will be sent out from Northview Student Ministries in April/May. 

Northview Students go to Alder Lake for summer camp where we enjoy great team activites, water sports, canoeing, and world class speaker and worship. You won't want to miss this year at Alder Lake!