Men's Retreat - Sept 14-16

Check out the details below and register now at the link provided to reserve your space.

Why should you attend Men's Retreat?

You have more to do than you can possibly accomplish this fall.  The people around you need your time.  You already have to cut activities out that you wish you could do in order to manage the list you have to do.  So why would you consider spending a weekend at Northview's retreat on top of everything else?  The answer is simple, just not easy: Men's retreat builds deep friendships, refuels you for the tough stuff ahead, and centers your heart back where you need it - focused on the Lord rather than our circumstances.  This will make you a stronger man, with healthier relationships at home, and build patience to deal with the rat race we run.  As an added bonus, we're going to have a ton of fun together too!

Register now to join us 

Click the link below to sign up.  We'll send you the schedule, packing list, and activity lineup soon.  We're staying at the Homestead in Snohomish - its close for easy travel, but still a getaway.  Be prepared for good food, great guys, games, sports, and a seriously awesome Man Craft competition.  

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Ron Marrs will be sharing from the Bible and personal experience with a word directed specifically to men, that will resonate with each of us, and will challenge us all.