Summer Series: Game On!

Most of us that have been to church have heard of the Amor of God. 
But what is it? And how does it apply to us today?

This summer Northview Kids' Ministry (NKids) will be jumping in to our newest 6 week series Game Show,
where they will encounter creative bible teachings, hilarious skits, and crazy activities designed to help them
understand the Armor of God and why it matters!

Week 4

Big Idea: Biblical Faith is Trusting in Jesus Alone

Key Verse: Ephesians 6:13a


Ephesians 6 instructs the believer to take up the shield of faith "in all circumstances". We know that faith involves believing in something or someone - according to scripture, we need to have faith and trust in Jesus above everything else no matter what! When we choose to acknowledge and believe that God is who He says He is, our faith acts like a shield against spiritual warfare, protecting us from lies, preventing against sin, and points us back to God for forgiveness and relationship!


1. What did the soldier’s shield do for him?
The soldier's shield aided in protecting him against enemy weapons.

2. What does it mean to have "faith" in something?
Faith means "confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see" according to Hebrews 11:1. This means that even if we cannot see something, we trust and believe that it is there.

3. What are some examples of things we cannot see, but have faith that they are there and are working?
Gravity, WiFi, electricitiy, wind, our brain, etc.

4. Why would Paul (the author of Ephesians) connect faith to a shield?
The shield helped protect the soldier before any weapon could make contact with the rest of his armor. Likewise, our faith and assurance in God help guard and protect us against attacks from the evil one (Satan), who does not want us to be in relationship with God. 

5. Where can we turn to find the truth about God so that we can have accurate and assured faith?
God's Word! (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

6. What would soldiers do with their shield to become even more effective? How does this relate to our faith today?
Biblical soldiers would dip their shields (made from wood) into water before battle so that they could extinguish flaming arrows. Likewise, when we cover or saturate ourselves with God (by growing in relationship and dicipleship with Him), we can stand against even the toughest of spiritual attacks!